Friday, February 25, 2011

Special Interest Campaign Mailers in Board District #5: TWO (or 670,000) REASONS TO WRITE IN SCOTT FOLSOM FOR SCHOOL BOARD

editorial comment + shameless campaign rhetoric by smf

I received a couple of campaign mailers in my mailbox today, both adequate reasons – in my humble if self-serving opinion - to write me in!


scan mayor tony mailer

There’s an endorsement I wouldn’t want!

This little gem comes from The Coalition for School Reform to Support Galatzan, Sanchez and Vladovic for Board of Education 2011 – Not authorized by a candidate of a committee controlled by a candidate. Major funding by Jerry Perenchio and Eli Broad.

scan UTLA mailer

A pure attack  ad – this flyer does not advocate voting for anyone!

Paid for by United Teachers Los Angeles, Political Action Council of Educators (PACE) Not authorized by a candidate or a committee controlled by a candidate .

Sanchez is the Chief of staff to Board President Monica Garcia, a role the mailer describes as “Chief Bureaucrat for LAUSD’s Board of Education”. The $500,ooo figure includes by reference “hundreds of thousands of dollars” Sanchez makes as he takes “lavish trips and eat(s) at the finest restaurants across the country – all at taxpayer expense.” UTLA claims these allegations are justified by Sanchez’ travel expense reports, obtained by a public records request.

While the UTLA/PACE mailer claims harm to laid off teachers, closed school libraries and bathrooms in disrepair – smf and 4LAKids claims that greater harm caused by policies favored and promoted  by Sanchez, Villaraigosa, Broad, Perenchio, Garcia and Co. is to the 670,ooo students of the District.  These so called Reformers have been in place running LAUSD by pulling strings from City hall and corporate boardrooms for six years – it is they that represent the failed business-as-unusual/status quo!

Luis Sanchez has identified no issue where he disagrees with Garcia or Mayor Tony  – he will be a rubber stamp, validating the status quo.

Neither the so-called Reformers nor UTLA should be pulling the strings or calling the shots in LAUSD. LAUSD should not be run by union leadership or the downtown developers of LA Live, the new football stadium or The Grand Avenue Plan. There are 670,ooo Special Interests that need to be represented on the LAUSD Board of Ed by an independent voice, beholden only to parents, educators and the community.

The litmus test is first, last and always: What’s best for kids?
If you vote that way I’ll vote that way.
That’s the campaign pledge.
Here’s the mailer you won’t get in the mailbox - unless you print it out and put it there!

Here’s the lawn sign you won’t see – unless you make it yourself!

 Onward O write in smf


ballot in envelope clipart1

Scott Folsom is an official write-in candidate for LAUSD Board of Education in School Board District 5. If you live in Board District 5 please write in LAUSD BD OF ED #5 in the OFFICE box on your write in ballot  (inside the flap of the gray ballot envelope)  and SCOTT FOLSOM in the CANDIDATE box.

REMEMBER: Spelling and neatness counts. And so do the 670,000 children of LAUSD!

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Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene said...

If I lived in District 5, you'd have my vote Scott. All I can offer is my endorsement, and you have that.

I do live in District 2, and will be running for that seat in the very near future. If we're fortunate, I'll be asking you, as a LAUSD board member, to endorse me.

Best wishes with the election, hopefully voters will see your experience and the fact that you aren't beholden to monied interests as two excellent reasons to write you in.