Wednesday, February 02, 2011


By Connie Llanos Staff Writer | LA Newspaper Group:Daily News/Daily Breeze |

02/02/2011 - Los Angeles Unified will delay the launch of its "early-start" calendar until 2012-13 because of uncertainty about the state budget, officials said Tuesday.

Based on the success of the calendar during a test run at 17 schools, administrators had planned to implement it districtwide beginning this fall. Classes were scheduled to start Aug. 15 - three weeks earlier than usual - and end June 1, 2012.

The decision to delay the "early-start" calendar will be formally announced today.

During his State of State speech Monday, Gov. Jerry Brown urged lawmakers to put a series of tax extensions on the June ballot which, if approved by voters, would help avert massive cuts to education funding.

Officials estimate that Los Angeles Unified could lose up to $400 million if voters do not approve the taxes.

Because the June election would give district officials just two months to react to the outcome, officials decided to delay the launch of the new calendar.

NOTE: As of early Wednesday morning Feb 2nd  the LAUSD website does not reflect the above news andcontinues to publish the following comflicting information:

District-wide Early Start Instructional Calendar Approved for 2011-2012

The newly-adopted Early Start Calendar for all students on single-track elementary, middle and senior high schools would start on August 15, 2011 and end on June 1, 2012. Details here. 

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Sonja said...

They're probably delaying it because of the angry protests from families (they claim they so prize, but in reality just ignore) who were not involved with the decision-making process at all. Maybe instead of changing school schedules to accommodate testing...we should reevaluate the need for it and possibly change test and eliminate some dates. Kids need to learn more than just how to fill out a test form.