Saturday, February 26, 2011

ANOTHER CAMPAIGN FLYER GUFFUFFLE: Why worry about the spelling if the name doesn’t matter?

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smf: Running a write in campaign has kept me focused on getting my name spelled right! Apparently the candidate at doesn’t care!

If one of the Mayor's pet school board candidates, Luis Sanchez, beneficiary of the Mayor's billionaire boys club's machinations with the LAUSD, were even remotely actively involved in his own campaign, you'd expect him at minimum to spot that Team Antonio called him "Luis Marquez" in his first flyer's caption insert before they sent it out to the District.

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Scott Folsom is an official write-in candidate for LAUSD Board of Education in School Board District 5. If you live in Board District 5 please write in LAUSD BD OF ED #5 in the OFFICE box on your write in ballot  (inside the flap of the gray ballot envelope)  and SCOTT FOLSOM in the CANDIDATE box.

REMEMBER: Spelling and neatness counts. And so do the 670,000 children of LAUSD!

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