Wednesday, December 01, 2010

THE IRONY OF THE TEACHABLE MOMENT, MISSED: On the 55th anniversary of the day Rosa Parks kept her seat the LA Times publishes an whining op-ed about William+Kate’s choice of Hitler’s wedding anniversary to wed.

smf for 4LAKids

Read the whining, here:

It contains some of the most beautiful words ever written, quoted. It is a rare and beautiful thing for the Times to put the words of Spenser, Wordsworth and the Brownings onto newsprint and soy-based ink.

But the article makes the most spurious argument imaginable over a coincidence in the calendar – the 29th of April is not exclusively Adolf+Eva’s any more than it will be William+Kate’s.

April 29th is a day, one of 365 that happen every year. A birthday, anniversary, payday, the day the trash gets picked up; the day you met your one true love. It is the birthday of The Duke of Wellington and Duke Ellington. The day in 1992  the Rodney King Riots broke out.

That the Times op-ed page missed the Rosa Parks Anniversary and Google did not says a lot about newspapers and the internet.

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