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2012 NEA Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly: DELEGATES ACT ON MIRAMONTE AFFAIR

Business from the Representative Assembly, Washington D.C., July 2-5, 2012


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NEA - New Business Items



NEA will examine the removal of the entire Miramonte staff by the LAUSD superintendent following an arrest of a former co-worker and then housing them away from all LAUSD students for the second half of the school year. The purpose of this examination is to share with NEA members any information on possible solutions, actions, or implications arising from the Miramonte situation that may have national ramifications. The results of the examination will be made public next year to the RA delegates and all NEA members.



NEA will use existing resources to advocate for transparent and explicit procedures in the planning, development and submission of applications for school restructuring. Educational staff and parent stakeholders should be fully involved participants in this process. Applications must not be unilaterally changed prior to or after submission.



The President of the National Education Association will send a letter to the Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, copied to Superintendent John Deasy and every elected member of the Board of Education of the Los Angeles Unified School District regarding the damaging mishandling of the situation at Miramonte Elementary School. The letter will be written in collaboration with the Miramonte staff regarding the Miramonte community.

The letter will also request the Secretary to provide guidance to all districts on emergency large-scale decisions which ensures that simple justice, fairness, and good educational practice be upheld; that input from staff, their unions, and families be considered; that written timelines be included; and that all actions taken ensure the optimal well-being of all involved.

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