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June 30, 2011 |  3:45 pm - The Los Angeles School Board on Thursday was supposed to discuss whether teachers with special skills should be rehired after layoffs, but board member Richard Vladovic had another idea.

After apologizing in advance for veering off-topic, Vladovic launched into a lengthy complaint about the new Cameron Diaz movie "Bad Teacher."

The film, which finished second at the box office last weekend and brought in $31 million, focuses on a foul-mouthed teacher (Diaz) who berates her students, does drugs and throws balls at children. Billboards featuring Diaz apparently sleeping at a desk with an apple and an "Eat Me!" sticker are featured throughout town.

Vladovic, a former teacher and administrator who represents the San Pedro area, said the movie studio should remove the ads because they demean the teaching profession and could influence children who should look up to educators.

The movie studio president "should be ashamed," said Vladovic, who raised his voice and threw up his hands several times during his speech.

After Vladovic finished, the board resumed discussing whether teachers with special training or language skills should be first on the rehire list.

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