Thursday, January 20, 2011

L.A. CLASSROOM ‘LOCKDOWN KIT’: includes bathroom bucket, batteries …no drinking water or food.

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January 20, 2011 |  9:37 am - Urinating in a bucket is a tough go for students when a school is in lockdown because of a dangerous situation, as El Camino Real and Gardena high schools experienced this week in the wake of shootings.

Image credit: LAUSD

Although students described using a trash can or empty paper cup in which to urinate during Wednesday's lockdown at El Camino Real, it turns out the bucket is part of a "lockdown kit" that is supposed to be in every Los Angeles Unified School District classroom.

The lockdown kit includes a 5-gallon bucket or pail with a removable lid “solely for the purpose of this kind of situation,” said district spokesman Robert Alaniz.

He said the kits should have been in every classroom at both schools, and it appeared some students made use of them at El Camino Real High in Woodland Hills, where a school police officer was wounded off campus, and at Gardena High, where two students were injured Tuesday when a gun accidentally discharged in class.

Law enforcement-ordered lockdowns kept students in classrooms and gyms for hours.

Other elements of the lockdown kit include toilet paper and a portable toilet seat. There’s also a flashlight, polyethylene bags, blankets, a pocket radio, bandages, facial tissues, disposable vinyl gloves, assorted batteries and ever-adaptable duct tape.

The items are listed with an approximate but very exact retail price, noting an industrial flashlight could be expected to cost $9.71; an emergency toilet seat $8.85. The instructions suggest buying in bulk -- a case of 500 should run $13.99.

A privacy screen might be a helpful additional item.

The total estimated cost (including a classroom set of 30 blankets): about $75. The value: Priceless.


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