Sunday, January 10, 2010


smf opines re: Sundays Front page puff pieces on charter schools in the Times

Calling the ‘revolution’ ”unplanned” is like calling reality television “real”. Or even “unscripted”. What of the premeditation and designs of Villaraigosa, Barr, Riordan, Broad, Gates, Garcia and Co?  Helped by Schwarzenegger, Mitchell, Hastings, Romero, etc.?  Do the names Gates and Walmart ring a bell?

Not to mention the Times Editorial Board, which is playing LAUSD like the Chandlers played the City and the DWP back in the day.

An unplanned revolution in L.A.’s public schools

By Mitchell Landsberg, Doug Smith and Howard Blume - Enrollment is up, and overall, standardized test scores outshine those at traditional campuses. Even the L.A. Unified board has eased its resistance.  [smf: …being bought and paid for – however fair and squarely -  has that effect]

County gives Los Angeles International Charter High School a second chance

By Mitchell Landsberg - The charter had a rough start with L.A. Unified but is gaining strength with a county charter.

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