Sunday, January 17, 2010

90210|LOCALS ONLY: Out of B.H.? Try the LAUSD

Letters to The Times | 17 Jan |

Re “Beverly Hills schools end most nonresident permits,” Jan. 14

To Westside parents of Beverly Hills schools students:

I can feel your frustration that some of your children will not be allowed back next year. But this could be an opportunity to visit your local Los Angeles Unified School District campus and see how your children can benefit.

Parents who fight for their local schools have worked with teachers and administrators and created some jewels. Palms Middle School has a terrific music program. Hamilton and Venice high schools both have magnet programs you have probably never stopped to find out about. Your tax dollars have contributed to a massive building program.

Beverly Hills has sent a clear message about looking after your own residents first. That goes for you as an L.A. resident and parent. You and your children can be stars in L.A. Unified.

- Elizabeth Bar-El
Los Angeles
The writer is vice chair and student parent representative for L.A. Unified's School Construction Bond Citizens' Oversight Committee.

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