Thursday, January 28, 2010

e-mail from LAUSD(C):

In a message dated 01/27/10 22:14:55 Pacific Standard Time, The Los Angeles School Development Coalition writes:


Today was a great day and Carver MS Youth, Teachers, and Community came out to represent!

There was a good turnout tonight but there was a great pre-meeting with UTLA teachers beforehand and we are inviting them to join us too. Tonight, Rigoberto, Celes, Phyllis, Jesus, and I joined hundreds of community members to oppose the Public School Choice Resolution.

Last Monday, I was invited by Rigoberto to speak with Jefferson HS students, teachers, and parents and I interviewed many for a piece that will air on February 5, 2010 at 7pm on KPFK.

On Sunday Celes, Scott, and Rigoberto will be on the Knowledge is Power 106 show on 105.9 at 7am.

On February 9, 2010 the UTLA will help stage demonstrations in local areas and there seems  to be some rumblings from the students about staging a walk out...

Next Wednesday will we not meet and from now on we plan to meet on Thursday nights at 7pm. Our next meeting is on February 11, 2010 at 7pm at Celes King Bail Bonds located at 1530 West MLK Blvd. [map]

Please invite others to join the momentum that we are building.


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Leonard Isenberg said...

There are 5 models for school reform, but LAUSD is only pushing pilot schools, because it degrades the LAUSD/UTLA Collective Bargaining Agreement for teachers and it gives the local LAUSD Superintendent veto over who will be acceptable as a pilot school principal- think failed LAUSD culture as an infection instead of the small-brained dinosaur it has been since I was a child. Check out for uncensored truth as to the daily fraud and malfeasance that teachers and other educators see on a daily basis. Also come to to highlight those public education programs that are already up and working. And finally, come to to finally be heard in a forum where you the majority can finally be heard.