Sunday, September 20, 2009

LA Times publishes '09-10 Parent Reading Guide

by smf for 4LAKids

20 Sept – It was in today's Times.

Sure its an advertising supplement …but the LA Times and its Reading by 9 initiative – and its sponsorship of the  Festival of Books is the best thing it does. The Parent Reading Guide/Guía de Lectura para Padres  deserves the Pulitzer Prize for advertising supplements, where do I send the nomination form? It actually makes me forgive their fawning over Green Dot and salivating over Education Reform-for-Reform's Sake and other misguided editorial policy. (Forgive…not excuse or forget …my love ain't that unequivocal!)

As parents, when we read to our young children – and later when we read with them, we engage their minds and their imaginations with ours and begin the process of reading for reading's sake – and ultimately – and this is ultimate of Reading for Fun. Of exploring the thoughts and times and ideas and enlightenment  of others.

You can order copies of the Parent Reading Guide/Guía de Lectura para Padres here.  I suggest that teachers order , share and discuss copies for the parents of their students – if I could insist on it I would. 

I can?  Then I do!  It's like reading that way!

You can download the content here.  En español aqui.

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