Saturday, September 12, 2009


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Updated: 09/11/2009 09:12:41 PM PDT

POMONA — Former Los Angeles schools superintendent Ruben Zacarias is facing a misdemeanor charge alleging he unlawfully used a badge to try to pull over a female driver in Pomona, prosecutors announced Friday.

Zacarias, 80, of Alhambra, is accused of displaying a badge and an identification card issued by the Los Angeles school police, according to the District Attorney's Office.

He allegedly told the woman to pull over because he was "a cop" in an exchange that began on the Pomona (57) Freeway and ended just off the freeway at Temple Avenue.

"I think this is a simple misunderstanding and I'm confident we'll be able to clear it up quickly," said Zacarias' attorney, Steve Meister, who declined to discuss any of the facts of the case.

Meister appeared in Pomona Superior Court on behalf of Zacarias, who was not required to be in court. He is free on his own recognizance, with arraignment set for Sept. 29.

Zacarias spent nearly 34 years with the Los Angeles Unified School District, including about 2 1/2 years as superintendent in the late 1990s before he was ousted in the fall of 1999 in a highly politicized battle that pitted a minority of LAUSD board members against a mostly newly elected majority.

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