Thursday, July 09, 2009

UTLA RE: PERIODIC ASSESSMENTS: Boycott suspended pending talks with LAUSD

UTLA press release and fax to chapter chairs

Beginning July 9th, UTLA is suspending its boycott of periodic assessments to focus on discussions with LAUSD on making adjustments to the program.

UTLA members have been boycotting the assessments since January to highlight their concerns about the cost, content, and overall number of Periodic Assessments. The strong support for the boycotts by teachers helped LAUSD officials recognize that the current testing policy does not meet the needs of our students.

Because the agreement to discuss changes to the program was close to being finalized, it was unnecessary for Superintendent Cortines to send his July letter enforcing assessments.

UTLA and LAUSD have committed to talks beginning next month, with the goal of an agreement by the end of November.

UTLA’s primary goals are to:

• lower the number of Periodic Assessments to free up more time for classroom instruction.

• improve the quality of the process by securing teacher input and having classroom practitioners drive the assessments.

“The boycotts sent a message and led to a rethinking of how the assessment program works,” UTLA President A.J. Duffy says. “This wouldn’t have happened without our members taking a stand.”

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