Friday, July 10, 2009


by Larry Gordon in LA Times | California Briefing

July 10 - In a move to cut enrollment because of the state budget deficit, the 23-campus Cal State University system announced Thursday that, with few exceptions, it will not allow students to start at the university next spring. Cal State usually admits about 35,000 freshmen, undergraduate transfers and graduate students in the spring, officials said.

The seven Cal State campuses on the quarter system or with a winter term stopped taking applications last week for first-time winter enrollment. So any slow-moving potential applicant for the 2009-10 school year is now out of luck, except when Cal State campuses maintain spring transfer agreements with community colleges, said spokeswoman Claudia Keith.

Keith said administrators hope to cut Cal State's overall enrollment of 450,000 students by 40,000 over the next two years. System chancellor Charles B. Reed said this week he would seek a fee hike of 15% to 20% this fall on top of a 10% increase already approved. Trustees are to vote this month on austerity measures


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