Sunday, July 19, 2009


By Jane Gates - LA Landscape Design Examiner |

July 19, 9:29 AM -- Sienna Miller may live an adventurous and romantic life on the big screen. But she admits that her personal life is quite different than her exciting public image. In fact, she claims that there is nothing she likes better than simply spending time in the garden and growing her own vegetables and fruits.

She has a garden in her London home and despite all the glamour, says she misses her garden and her dog the most when she is away on film shoots. Even with all the romance of travel and adventure-filled scripts, when asked about what intrigues her most Sienna Miller responds: “It's all about my vegetables!"

Celebrity gardeners are all over the world. Even Australian Hollywood superstar, Nicole Kidman, has owned up to loving gardening. “It's the Kidman women's hobby”, she owned up recently during an interview. Both her sister and mother are avid gardeners and Nicole has just discovered the allure.Hollywood stars love gardeningNicole Kidman photo courtesy Hot-lifestyle-news

Here in the United States garden enthusiasts Lance Bass, Rosario Dawson, members of Maroon 5, Amy Smart, Matthew Rhys, Nicole Richie, Emily VanCamp and Emmanuelle Chriqui, are some celebs who have volunteered for the LAUSD school district to mentor students with creating and growing organic gardens during the next school year.

There are many celebrities who have discovered the benefits of gardening. And it’s something we can all enjoy that will keep us in good physical and mental shape as well as surrounding our homes with beauty and edibles!

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