Saturday, June 29, 2013

MAYOR TONY LEAVES HIS MARK ON L.A. SCHOOLS II*: The exit interview with notes, fact checking and background …and many more questions left unanswered than answered.

* smf:  Neither the Times reporters nor I wrote that headline about  Tony “leaving his mark”; headline writers write that stuff. But the ball has been served and I’m returning service in a cheap shot into the far corner of the court: Tomcats leave their marks …and it ain’t a good thing!

Interview with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa conducted by Howard Blume and Teresa Watanabe/Transcipt and annotation by Blume – from the LA Times website |

3:17 PM - 28 Jun 13/A tweet from @HowardBlume: The entire interview with Mayor Villaraigosa, including fact-checking notes, is here:

The following are links to a transcript of an interview on education with outgoing Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa that took place on Wednesday, June 19.


The questions are edited for brevity and clarity but not content.

Parenthetical additions to the mayor’s remarks are sometimes included for clarity because on some issues the mayor spoke in a form of rhetorical shorthand.

There are also separate annotations that address fact-checking issues and provide background.

With the mayor was a communications staff member and Joan Sullivan, his deputy mayor for education, whose occasional brief remarks also are included below.

The interview was conducted by LA Times reporters Teresa Watanabe and Howard Blume. The transcript was prepared by Blume.

The resulting LATimes article is here.

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