Wednesday, April 08, 2009

RECENT STUDIES/UPCOMING FORUM: Comparing US to G-8 Education Outcomes, Two Studies on Charter Schools, Dropout Forum



Researching Education Outcomes -- Comparative Indicators of Education in the United States and Other G-8 Countries: 2009
How does the U.S. education system compare with other countries? According to this new National Center for Education Statistics report, we lag way behind in the share of 3- and 4-year-olds in preschool and have one of the lowest percentages of college degrees in science, mathematics, and engineering-related fields.
How Charter Schools Affect Student Outcomes
A RAND evaluation covering several states found that charter schools struggle to show improved outcomes in their first year. In Florida and Chicago, charter schools showed improved graduation and college enrollment rates.
A separate Brookings Institution report on Milwaukee charters suggests that charter schools may help the education of urban youth, but can't be expected to be a silver bullet. Understanding and addressing instability in school attendance is the most significant determinant of student achievement.

AYPF Forum on the Dropout Challenge (April 17)
In this American Youth Policy Forum event, researchers from Jobs for the Future will present their analysis of model policies that boost success for students at risk of dropping out from high school.

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