Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coalition of LAUSD Unions & H.O.P.E Parent Coalition Talking Points

Spend the Stimulus monies to ensure a future for the kids


Deny the District’s self-defeating and rash cuts.

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Guiding Principle From 4/6 Meetings

Public Interest Message of Hope

· Maintain level of consistency of instructional and operational support.

· Equity.

· Enhanced services to students and parents (food services, transportation, and communication).

· Real reform is education that parents can count on.

· Keep our schools running smoothly with consistent, reliable instructional, technical, office, and operational support.

· Accountability and transparency.

· Local control/choice.

· Restore trust in the District with a transparent budget process.

· Give LAUSD families – parents and employees – an opportunity to be part of the solution.

· Support for students’ instructional needs – E.L./Spec. Ed./address poverty.

· Morale and hope of students, parents, staff – greater LA community.

· Lift up communities by demanding a race to the top.

· Cleanliness.

· Safety.

· Enhanced services to students and parents.

· Clean, secure, well-maintained schools with nutritious meals. Promote school conditions that are conducive to learning.

· Safety.

· Enhanced services to students and parents.

· Keep our kids safe by preserving the LAUSD transportation system.

· Protect kids by enhancing school security.

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