Sunday, August 17, 2008

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Flunking Republicans

The California Faculty Association has launched a strategic campaign targeting Republicans in open swing seat districts that are ripe for Democrats to win in November. The goal of the campaign is to stop Republicans who seem determined to slash our public education system and burn our economic future.

CFA continues to stand up for public education in California by building on its F-Arnold campaign from 2006 and make the public aware when elected officials, parties and candidates for office are failing the people of California.
The current Republican leadership is flunking in their responsibility to our children, and this campaign ties the candidates to the current Republicans. The ads suggest that we can't afford another flunking politician in Sacramento.

Simply put, the Assembly Republicans get an "F" and we are going to make sure that the voters in key districts understand why.


AD10 - Flunk Republican Candidate Jack Sieglock      


AD80 - Flunk Republican Candidate Gary Jeandron


AD78 - Flunk Republican Candidate John McCann


AD30 - Flunk Republican Candidate Danny Gilmore


YouTube - FlunkingRepublicans's Channel

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