Monday, August 04, 2008


Which Way, L.A.?

Which way LA with Warren Olney

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LA Unified wanted a 3.2 billion dollar construction bond on November’s ballot until a poll by Mayor Villaraigosa showed that voters would go for more. Now the District is asking 7 billion—almost twice as much and the largest request in history.

Early last week, the LA Unified School District’s elected board of trustees was planning a 3.2 billion dollar bond measure for the November ballot. But Mayor Villaraigosa had conducted a poll showing that voters would be willing to go for more. On Thursday, the board almost doubled its request from 3.2 billion to 7 billion, with 2 billion of that not earmarked for any specific projects.
In 1997, voters approved Proposition BB, a bond issue worth 2.4 billion dollars—with the proviso that a citizens’ advisory board would be set up to watch how the money was spent. Since then, 13 billion dollars in bonds have been approved by the voters.

  • Monica Garcia: LAUSD Board Member
  • Connie Rice: Chair of the School Construction Bond Citizens' Oversight Committee
  • A.J. Duffy: President of the United Teachers Los Angeles
  • Caprice Young: President of the California Charter School Association

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