Friday, August 29, 2008

Urgent Alert -- Senate Vote this morning will make deeper cuts -- Call Legislators Immediately to Oppose the Senate Proposal

A message from 4LAKids the California State PTA  and The Education Coalition.

The Senate has announced a budget vote for 10 am Friday -- at stake are deep cuts to vital services for all Californians, both now and into the future.

The Assembly may vote shortly thereafter.

CALL YOUR 2 LEGISLATORS THIS MORNING -- and forward this message on!

1.  Call 1-888-268-4334, the "Cuts Hurt Hotline"  (Special hotline provided by CTA, as we need action now!)

2.  Press 1, to be connected directly to your Senator

3.  Tell your Senator:

"OPPOSE the Senate budget proposal because:

-- it makes MORE cuts to our schools, hospitals, and communities, now and into the future

-- it does NOT include the responsible, stable revenues needed to prevent deeper cuts and invest in the future."

4.  Call again, pressing 2 to be connected directly to your Assembly member and tell them of your opposition to the Senate Budget Proposal.

Thanks to those of you who have called so many times already this very important (and very long) budget season.  Why call again NOW?  Two reasons:

· First, this weekend is the final deadline for any budget deal that would include items for the November 4th ballot, so the pressure is high for a final deal to be struck. 

· Second, it's clear that all your calls, visits, letters, and direct actions in districts across the state have made a difference in holding the line on cuts to vital services and forcing reasonable revenue proposals into the conversation.

Now, our Senators and Assembly members must lead the charge to pass a responsible, compassionate budget.  Let them hear from you NOW!

The somewhat latest budget news.

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