Wednesday, May 14, 2008

smf on the state budget cuts



Note: This was taped before the May Revise Budget was announced.  A 10% across the board cut remains in effect in LAUSD. Nothing really has changed.

  • Although Prop 98 was not suspended in the governor's May 14th revised budget, Categorical programs - with aid to special ed, English language learners, at risk kids,  and children with disabilities - are still slashed between 6% and 7%
  • Children's social welfare programs, including healthcare and foster care remain cut at about the 10% level.
  • There is no cost-of-living adjustment budgeted even as the cost of living climbs precipitously.
  • Arts, Music and Physical Education programs are on the block.
  • Class sizes will increase.
  • The governor proposes to increase the per-pupil-allotment by $91 (appx. 1/10  0f 1%) and California remains 47th in the nation in per pupil funding.

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