Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Protecting an alleged child molester won't get you fired from L.A. Unified, but supporting a charter movement will.

Tim Rutten




May 14, 2008 — Every day, the Los Angeles Unified School District fails its tens of thousands of ambitious students, dedicated teachers and hardworking principals in so many ways that it's difficult to imagine how its elephantine bureaucracy could shamble into some new outrage.

Difficult, but not impossible, because the LAUSD runs this city's schools about like the generals run Myanmar.

smf cuts in to save pixels: The print media likes to bash the blogosphere for crummy reportage, biased and rehashed pseudo-reporting of old facts and suspect truths somehow self-evident.  I'm a blogger, I try to be careful and I always ask my readers to consider at what is written through the filter of their own experience and knowledge. Mr. Rutten continues in this Op-Ed on the path he staked out: telescoping timelines, revisiting the past and calling it the present, quoting  both the Times and the Daily News from last week (when they revisiting earlier stories about consultants and firing the principal at Locke HS for supporting a charter) as if these are recent revelations and "new outrages". 

If you wish to continue, be my guest: Let down, again, by LAUSD - Los Angeles Times

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