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Dispatches from the frontlines: REFORM® WINS ONE IN DENVER

e-mail from save our schools colorado

        “A little patience, and we shall see the reign of witches pass over, their spells dissolve, and the people, recovering their true sight, restore their governmentto its true principles.”

To John Taylor Philadelphia, June 4, 1798


Dear SOS Supporters,

What a week it has been in Denver. On Tuesday night, many of us watched a devastating school boards election. As you all know, Emily Sirota ran a magnificent campaign: one of integrity, compassion, and sheer persistence. Personally, she knocked on more than 5,000 homes and talked incessantly with voters about how to rid DPS of special corporate interests, grow neighborhood schools, bring accountability and transparency to the district, and educate the whole child instead of test prepping the student. Emily stands for so many things that we hold in our belief system as educators and supporters of public schools. Well, her campaign was outspent, and it appears that school board races are potentially bought by the 1%.

It can be overwhelming to think about how entrenched the corporate reformers are at all levels of education in Denver. It is overwhelming to think about the job ahead of us, the job of educating parents, teachers, and community members of what is happening to our school districts throughout Colorado. However, we need to rise to the occasion. We need to band to together and strategize how best to fight for our students so that this generation is not lost due to rampant budget cuts, school privatization, dumbed down testing curriculum, and attacks on the unions and the teaching profession. We thank the Emily’s of the world who give up months of their lives to help us fight. We thank the Emily’s of the world who give up time with their own children to fight for all children. We thank the Emily’s of the world who understand the issues, fight a clean fight, and never give up for the cause is larger than all of us.

However, now it is our turn, to pick up the fight. We can pay our respect to the Emily’s of the world, by taking the time to educate our friends, colleagues, and neighbors about what is truly happening in education in our schools, districts, and throughout the nation. Please make sure you stay up to date on education issues around the nation and in Colorado. Do you have a subscription of Education Week and Rethinking Schools, for example? Share salient information with each other, and don’t forget to pass it along to me as well. Thank you.


Nov. 4th, 2011 “American Teacher”

6:30 p.m. at Starz Denver Film Center 2510 East Colfax

This movie is sold out, however there are rush tickets. Line up by 5:30 to get them. This movie talks about the struggles teachers face and the minimal pay we receive. Hopefully, we will be able to get a screening at a later date in Denver. I will keep you posted. Anyone interested in working on that?

Nov. 5th,

Occupy Wall Street

11:45 a.m. Meet at the Federal Reserve -16th St. Skyline Park-We will be meeting just outside or Starbucks.

Teachers join the movement. Have your voice heard. What are you biggest concerns regarding education today? How have corporate reformers changed the way we teach? Stan Karp writes a powerful article about “corporate” education reform and the movements around the country trying to fight it.

Nov. 1st- Nov. 8th- Save Our School Voting for a Steering Committee-

Remember to take time to vote for an excellent & diverse steering committee to move SOS forward. If you have not received the e-mail to vote, and if you have not received a newsletter, please go to the website to reregister.

Below is an article about how mayor Hancock has hired a former Stand For Children activist to head up the mayor’s office on Education and Children.

Colorado SOS Facebook Page

Parents, teachers, and community members,

Please join us on our facebook page.  This is a great place to share ideas, and possible events that we can get going in Colorado to make more people aware of SOS and its mission!!  The page is private, which means that you can view but can’t post unless you are a member.  Please join!!

Have a great weekend. Thank you for your support.

Melody W.

(New) Information Coordinator for Save Our Schools

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