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Sunday, November 20, 2011  - How safe are our schools? Everyday you hear stories about young girls that are brutally stabbed by their jealous boyfriends, kids who bring guns to school because they have been bullied for years and they finally wanted it to stop, and teachers who have sexual relations with their students. Our parents send us to school every morning thinking that they are leaving their kids in a safe environment, but maybe these “safe havens” are the worst place of all.

On October 1, a girl at South East High School was brutally stabbed by her ex- boyfriend. The couple had been in an on-and-off relationship since the ninth grade, but during an argument at lunch, he got upset and choked her. The dean and another student stopped it, but in the end it wasn’t enough. If there had been school police around at the time, would Cindi Santana still be alive? What actions could have been taken to insure her life was never at risk?

How do we begin to make our schools a safer environment? In the beginning of the school year at WESM, there had been a series of pranks which involved kids setting things like trashcans and bushes on fire. During a particular bush fire, one of the history teachers ran to another classroom in the hopes that it had a fire extinguisher. Unfortunately, it did not. From there, the teachers resorted to filling up buckets in the boy’s bathroom and running back out to the flames. This is absolutely unnecessary! If this had been a more severe case -- say someone accidently fell into that burning bush -- what would have happened then? By the time the fire department came, it would have been too late.

There was a series of three school shootings in two days at Gardena late school year. In an interview, LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy said, “Since 1993, a Los Angeles Unified School District policy has required daily random searches for weapons at high schools. I have ordered that Gardena High School and all LAUSD high schools must comply with that policy.” I know several schools who have not implemented this policy, yet they act shocked and surprised when something bad happens on school grounds.

There are so many random things that can happen at school, and it will continue to happen no matter how much we wish otherwise. The fact of the matter is that schools are one of the most dangerous places for kids.

But, it is possible to make it a little bit safer; have parents call in and suggest to the principal to have random backpack checks. Create fun ways to incorporate school safety in class. And tell your friends that it is okay to speak up. Every voice does make a difference.

Let your child, best friend, student, or siblings know that the worst consequences come when you stay quiet; you don’t want to wake up one morning and find out that a student died because of something you could have prevented.

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