Sunday, July 18, 2010


by smf for 4LAKids News

Sunday, July 18, 2010 - The cosmic coincidence theory of the universe goes that empty space isn't really empty, but rather filled with virtual particles constantly popping in and out of existence. All this activity imparts energy to empty space, termed vacuum energy.

None of this explains the harmonic convergence today when the editorial boards of the Daily News and the L.A. Times chose this Sunday to write editorials lambasting lame duck politicians for being lame ducks and exhorting them to suck it up, buck up and kick butt.

The Times in DOWN, BUT NOT OUT: California Budget or California Dreamin'? presses The Gübernator to get his charisma together and force the legislature to reach a budget.

The Daily News in IT'S TIME TO QUIT MONKEYING AROUND AND GET TO WORK implores Mayor Tony (pictured with a bit of feminine fluff on each arm at the Grammys) to do the same, citing school reform as an example of his prior success:: "Los Angeles schools are currently undergoing a much-needed, if bumpy, reform, due in large part to the efforts of Villaraigosa..." Discounting that three courts (Superior, Appeal and Supreme) have ruled Villaraigosa's attempted efforts unconstitutional (which is the same as illegal, only worse), there is nothing about his subsequent efforts remotely reformative. Giving his Partnership for L.A. Schools a passing grade is pure social promotion. PLAS has been marginally statistically successful in some categories has LAUSD. It's more of the same-ol'-same-ol' -- with a crisp white shirt, pastel tie and cufflinks.

Schwarzenegger and Villaraigosa are parts of the problem, not the solution.

If it quacks like a duck and limps like a duck - termed-out with approval numbers interchangeable with local unemployment statistics - it's lame, waterfowl-wise.

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