Wednesday, June 10, 2015


from The Maddy Daily 10June2015:

California vaccine bill clears committee – A California bill mandating full vaccination for schoolchildren now awaits an Assembly floor vote after passing the Assembly Health Committee on a 12-6 vote Tuesday. Senate Bill 277 would end the “personal belief exemption” that allows parents to enroll kids in school without having the full slate of vaccines.  Sacramento Bee articleLA Times articleSan Francisco Chronicle article

Fresno Bee – California’s effort to tighten school vaccination requirements is reasonable, scientific and needed. But that has not stopped vaccine opponents from turning a true public service into one of the ugliest fights to hit the Capitol in a while.

Fresno Republican Assemblyman Jim Patterson invokes concentration and internment camps at vaccine bill rally -- During a rally against a California bill making vaccines mandatory for school children, a Republican lawmaker from Fresno galvanized the crowd by invoking forced interment camps. “I wouldn’t call it a concentration camp,” said Assemblyman Jim Patterson, R-Fresno, “but they’re suggesting (children) go some place other than public school.” Later in his speech, Patterson said that he “thought we apologized for internment camps,” an apparent reference to the separation and confinement of Japanese-Americans during World War II. Sacramento Bee articleSan Jose Mercury News article

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