Wednesday, June 24, 2015

UPDATED - LA TIMES’ HOWARD BLUME: Cortines is leaving LAUSD in six months …in 140 characters or less

smf 2cents 24.June.2015  ::  OK, I am a bit of an insider – albeit lurking in outsider’s clothing – but sometimes what is so obvious to me as to be unremarkable becomes front page news and/or a trigger for an avalanche of tweets.

Yesterday Supt Cortines mentioned he anticipated leaving in about 6 months. That was a timeframe I thought everyone had in mind when his contract was renewed. When he returned for the third time  he made it clear he isn’t staying long. He has asked that the search for the next superintendent begin.

The Board of Ed hasn’t begun the search process; procrastinating  in a convenient combination of :

  • waiting through a series of elections
  • and a series of deepening crises: iPads/MiSiS/What have you.
  • awaiting the new board members
  • …the next budget
  • …the end of the school year
  • …the summer solstice
  • …..whatever.

I am an accomplished procrastinator; I am never short of excuses.

There have been polite “Say it ain’t so’s…” when he has obviously spoken to them in private briefings.

Six months a a good time frame. Get the new year started. Get the new superintendent selected. Get him or her some experience so they can work up the next budget.

Ray put it out again yesterday, saying what they hoped ain’t so.

The expressions of surprise on the horseshoe were feigned.  SIX MONTHS? OMG!!


Howard Blume@howardblume    9:50 AM - 24 Jun 2015

L.A. schools Supt. Cortines made public yesterday private conversations w board members that he might stay only through December.

Howard Blume@howardblume  

Cortines' contract runs through June 2016, & some hoped he'd be willing to stay longer. Now an earlier exit seems more likely.

Howard Blume@howardblume

Cortines so far stopped short of making announcement or setting hard deadline, but threw out six months as possible departure date.

Howard Blume@howardblume

Then, this morning, the district reports that Cortines told KNX that his plan was to leave in six months. But no announcement issued.


Howard Blume@howardblume

In brief conversation with Times, Cortines declined to confirm a hard deadline for his departure. But the situation still not clear.

UPDATED: 12:21 PM - 24 Jun 2015 ·

Howard Blume@howardblume

L.A. School district now says Supt. Cortines has not set hard deadline for departure, but wants process for replacing him in place.

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