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August 8, 2013 :: L.A. Times Cinema Critic Kenneth Turan wrote of the city’s noir reputation:

“Los Angeles is the city of sunshine and light, the city that's like a day at the beach, the city that ... you get my drift. That line of chat may work with the suckers, the tourists and the rubes, but if you live here, you know there's a corrosive darkness lurking below the surface in perpetually sunlit L.A., a spiritual malaise that makes this town rotten to the core.

“Hardly the City of Angels, this is a place where bad people come to do worse things and live to tell the tale.” |

News Story: LAUSD Administrator Arrested For Allegedly Having Inappropriate Relationship with Former Student


(credit: Los Angeles Police Department)


August 5, 2013 8:13 PM :: LOS ANGELES ( — A 48-year-old  Los Angeles Unified School District administrator has been arrested for attempting to meet with a 15-year-old former student with the purpose of committing a lewd act.

During the course of the investigation, detectives with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Topanga Division learned that Robert Nagai, of Chatsworth, had an ongoing inappropriate relationship with the victim.

Nagai was an assistant principal at Hale Middle School in Woodland Hills. After he left the school in 2011, he began to work in operations at the district’s Educational Service Center West.

“We have been working with and cooperating fully with the Los Angeles Police Department since they brought these allegations to our attention late last Friday,” said Dave Holmquist, LAUSD’s general counsel. “Although we have every indication that this was an isolated incident, we have issued a notice to parents at Hale Middle School about the arrest. Our top priority is ensuring students are able to achieve academic success, which requires a safe learning environment. We are all impacted when these sorts of incidents occur.”

The suspect is currently free on $75,000 bail and was scheduled to be in court on Aug. 28.

No further details were available.

Anyone with additional information on Nagai was encouraged to contact Det. F. Avila at (818) 756-3375.

THAT LAUSD ADMINISTRATOR, arrested for inappropriate conduct with a minor joins a growing rank of bad District employees allegedly doing bad things with students. He worked in the LAUSD Office of Operations – which is, among other things, in charge of student and employee discipline

(There is also the Office of Curriculum and Instruction and the Office of Parent and Family Engagement.)

He was assigned to one of the four Educational Service Centers – which is the newest name for what were formerly called Local Districts – downsized/rightsized from eleven to eight to four – decreasing their number and increasing their size to “improve service+accountability”.

He was in charge of “housed employees” at the ESC.

“Housed Employees” are district staff excluded from classrooms and school sites – forbidden contact with children – for alleged misbehavior in places sometimes called ‘teacher jails’ or ‘rubber rooms’.

And so it is in our City of Angels, a place where bad people come to do worse things .


Unknown said...

At least 85% of housed teachers at LAUSD are not accused of abuse or sexual misconduct. There are many in there on bogus charges that do not come close to justifying discipline at all. A teacher is housed for having anti bacterial soap in class, another was forced to resign for grabbing an errant child's hand and bringing him back in line. Some are not even informed why they are housed at all. 4kidsLA wriers are irresponsible to simply accept the district's explanation because almost every teacher in ESC is over 40 and on the higher end of the pay scale, A large number of blacks tend to be housed and any one who reports noncompliance, abuse or corruption lands in teacher jail too. There are witch hunts being orchestrated all over LAUSD school sites to facilitate the newer cheaper models coming in by way of TFA.
These practices are an affront to everyone 's constructional and civil rights because while teachers in Deasy's dungeons may languish years, that is only to present the pretense of due process.
And why hasn't UTLA been doing anything to stop it? Good question. The union gets dues no matter what as teachers surrender to automatic deductions unless they resist by way of a complex process for religious reasons. UTLA is not aligned with members but with agendas that serve the careerist needs of officers and rep(tils)s employed in the UTLA Ratfactory. To most of them, a rank and file of temps and subs without any provisions for tenure, raises, concessions to class size, etc. etc. simply makes their overpaid positions that much easier. With Eli Broad, Bill Gates and Waltons greasing the wheels on every side of education, there is no longer any protections for teachers, and despite rhetoric to the contrary , for students. The reformers see teachers as human capital and refer to students as assets. Please, do not join mainstream media's lazy, compliant place in the conspiracy against public education. Talk to teachers, speak to DAC, find Robert Skeels or John Fernandez, they know the truth...interview attorney Kathleen Carrol or teacher advocate Karen Horwitz to get the real scoop. You need to at least offer readers a balanced approach to journalism. You are better than a meat puppet pushing oligarch fallacies, or there was a time when this blog was a anyway,

zoe said...

Seems to me that we should hold judgment. Is it innocent until proven guilty or guilty until proven innocent? In the interim, of course, suspects do need to be pulled away from their positions.