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by Michael Linder KABC NEWS/TalkRadio 790 |

As the LAUSD prepares to roll out its first batch of iPads to students in 47 schools — a new development. The school district now says kids will not be allowed to take those tablets home. KABC’s Michael Linder has the latest.


update   ::  AUG 30, 2013

    • The quoted source for this story is niether an employee of nor  a spokesperson for  LAUSD.
    • LAUSD  is NOT an agency of The City of L.A,

December 13, 2012: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced that Steve Reneker has been appointed as permanent general manager for the city's Information Technology Agency./

    • Mr Reneker’s point and concerns  are well made and he is entitled to his opinion.
    • It is unclear whether Mr Renenker spoke to KABC in his official capacity as City of LA Chief Information Officer or as a private citizen.

Undated report  [presumed Aug 29th] :: The Los Angeles Unified School District’s plan to equip each of its students with an iPad has hit a snag, families too poor to afford a broadband connection.

Steve Reneker who heads LA’s Information Technology Agency says its the about 30% of LAUSD students whose parents can’t afford a $40 a month or more broadband connection at home.

Reneker says, “They’re going to have a difficult time getting their school work done, let alone their parents being able to manage their student’s activities.”

The LAUSD is looking at $100 million a year in internet hook-up fees in student homes. Reneker says even if the Feds provide low-cost internet like libraries, the fees will still be substantial.

“LAUSD would still have to pick-up those costs, which for them is still about 1.5 million dollars a month to be able to have that broadband connection for those children that don’t have that in the at home”.

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