Thursday, August 15, 2013

LACK OF TRANSPARENCY …is there an app for that?

By smf for 4LAKidsNews

August 15, 2013  ::  On Wednesday morning the LAUSD Bond Oversight Committee met.

Part of the discussion was about the committee’s very-real concerns about the LAUSD Common Core Technology Project – the District’s iPads for Everyone initiative - and the speed, communication and cooperation between the BOC and LAUSD in the process. The program is 100% bond funded.

The BOC Chair, who has been supportive of the initiative, was critical of the lack of transparency and the District’s failure to keep promises to the bond committee. Although the program is spearheaded by the superintendent, the Office of Instruction and the LAUSD Information Technology folks - the monthly progress update was delivered by the Chief Facilities Executive – who was unable to address some of the committee’s concerns.

That same morning:

  • DEPUTY SUPERINTENDENT AQUINO was the subject of a puff-piece interview on the CCTP initiative (…but don’t get your expectations too high!)  in LA School Report – an unabashed cheerleader for the ®eform agenda. |
  • GOVERNOR BROWN signed SB 581, toothless legislation requiring school districts be more forthcoming and accountable to Bond Oversight Committees |
  • SUPERINTENDENT DEASY participated a photo-op with SEIU about Breakfast in the Classroom: LAUSD SUPERINTENDENT LENDS ‘LUNCHROOM LADIES’ A HELPING HAND (Photo courtesy SEIU 99) |

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