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iPad and student

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IOctober 1st, 2013, 7:29pm  ::  t’s been a rocky rollout for the iPad project at the Los Angeles Unified School District - students got around internet filters, some tablets have gone missing - and some board members complain they've been left in the dark.

L.A. Unified board member Monica Ratliff said she's tired of reading out the project from the headlines - especially when media reports differ from what the district claims.

"Some of the answers that have been provided to the subcommittee have been inconsistent," said Ratliff, who heads a subcommittee on the technology rollout. "And, other questions remain unanswered, and some key tasks remain incomplete."

At Tuesday's board meeting, Ratliff called for a separate meeting finally suss out the details of the program.

First and foremost,  she wants a firm answer on whether parents will have to fork over cash for missing or broken iPads.

She also wants the board to be notified when things go wrong. When the iPad security was bypassed and devices went missing, board members were not notified by the district until four days later. By then, the headlines had come and gone.

The board approved her motion for further discussion at the next meeting later this month.

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