Friday, October 04, 2013


2cents small I hope all 4LAKids readers got a chance to see the superintendent’s TV “spectacular” (the title from a tweet from the virtual peanut gallery) on KLCS last night. If it becomes available online I will post a link here.

A few questions were answered but more were raised that remain to be addressed.

THE FOLLOWING RAISES NEW DOUBTS about the iPad rollout and the charm offensive. I have since spoken to the A.P. who broke the cone of silence and raised the issue.

I am digging deeper and will write more. I invite other attendees to the Middle School Principals and Assistant Principals Organizations  “By Invitation/Required Attendance” Meeting held on in the morning on Oct 2 – or the subsequent High School Principals+A.P. Meeting held in the afternoon, - both at the Pickwick Gardens in Burbank (?*)   to drop me a line.

Confidentiality assured. You way wish to use a non-LAUSD e-mail account.

Stay tuned.


2 Oct 2013 ::  I just got a call from an Assistant Principal shocked that Deasy was at the Middle School Assistant Principal's Organization meeting today to sell the ipads & Pearson. Told them to contact board members and tell them to support it. Said affluent people are opposed to the ipads because they don't want poor kids to get access, thereby rich folks losing their social capital.

It was ostensibly a meeting about Common Core. These meetings have never been about Professional Development; they've been administrative updates. Plus, it's extremely rare that Deasy would ever even give the APs the time of day, according to the AP who told me about it.

No one introduced themselves with titles so APs didn't know who was LAUSD and who was Pearson. The Principal's meeting is later today and he's expected there too.

* The spending of the LAUSD taxpayers money outside the District is questionable. Not egregious, but subject to question.


More charm from LAUSD:

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