Sunday, September 12, 2010


ACLU sues over high schools’ course fees

John Fensterwald - Educated Guess Charges for labs, materials violate right to a free education

John Fensterwald - Educated Guess

September 11, 2010

American Civil Liberties Union affiliates in California have sued Gov. Schwarzenegger and the state over class fees, from textbooks to AP exams to gym uniforms, that dozens of school districts routinely charge students.
The class-action lawsuit, filed Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, charges that mandatory course-related fees violate the state constitution’s guarantee of a free public education and a state court decision, Hartzell vs. Connell, in 1984, also banning fees for other school activities, which districts appear to be ignoring.
The suit asks for an immediate injunction against charging students […]

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Able & willing to sign Edujobs bill

Acting governor to push money along

John Fensterwald - Educated Guess

September 10, 2010 - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ended a week of speculation and jitters for school districts by formally requesting two bills that will provide quick billions for schools. Then he took off to Asia, leaving Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado as acting governor to make a big deal over signing them into law  this morning at a Los Angeles [...]

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State shifts cash crisis to schools

Borrowing to meet payroll is extra burden

John Fensterwald - Educated Guess

September 9, 2010- K-12 schools and community colleges are becoming increasingly frustrated – and anxious – over the state’s failure to pay its bills.
The impasse over the state budget, now into its third month, has created a cash-flow crisis for the state, which in turn is passing it on  to school districts and health-care  agencies by stiffing them. [...]

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Wading through data on spending

EdSource report explains contradictions

John Fensterwald - Educated Guess

September 9, 2010 - Does California’s  school spending rank 28th or 43rd among the states? It depends if you factor in the relative cost of labor.
California’s per capita K-12 spending was above the national average, but its spending per student was $591 below the national average. Can both be true? Yes.
People will cite various figures and rankings on California’s [...]

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