Monday, August 30, 2010



Informational Alert
August 30, 2010

Update on the State Budget


Before the Legislature adjourns tomorrow, the Republican and Democratic leaders in the Assembly and Senate have agreed to take up votes on two budget plans - a plan that closely mirrors the Governor's May Revision, which includes deep cuts to education and children's services and no additional revenues; and the plan adopted by the Legislature's Budget Conference Committee. Although the Conference Committee plan rejects massive cuts to education and the elimination of CalWORKs and other health and human services programs, and recognizes the need for additional revenue, it calls for the suspension of Proposition 98, the constitutional funding guarantee for education.

The California State PTA, along with other members of the Education Coalition, rejects the Governor's proposal and remains opposed to the concept of suspension of Proposition 98, as proposed by the Conference Committee. Neither plan is expected to garner the necessary two-thirds vote for passage tomorrow.

Watch for new information as it becomes available.  Be assured that we are working diligently, on behalf of the more than 9 million children of California, to advocate for passage of a state budget that best serves their needs.

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