Monday, May 17, 2010


4LAKids reports

clip_image002You read it in the Daily News, echoed by paid spokespeople from the charter community: High School #9 - The High School for the Fine and Performing Arts was in danger of not being accredited!

This was never exactly true - or even close enough for horseshoes. But the Daily News and the charter community didn't let the facts get in their way and they reported what they reported.

OMG! the bloggers shouted: High School #9 is a madrassa of the Axis of Evil!

4LAKids reports here that the The Accrediting Commission for Schools of The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), the regional association that accredits all public and private schools, colleges, and universities in the Western United States has visited the school and awarded full accreditation to High School #9 - "with flying colors."

It is reported that the WASC accreditation committee expressed delight at how together the schools application and program were …and expressed dismay that they had been called back to revisit. The school was never in any danger of having accreditation withdrawn or not awarded.

4LAKids suspects that there was more than a little of the Old School Politics in play here at the New School for the Arts - both internal and external - and looks forward to the Daily News and charter communities breathless reporting of this good news. We are, however, not holding our breath,

Congratulations to Principal Suzanne Blake and her staff and most of all: the HS#9 Student Body.

¡Good job+Onward/Hasta adelante!

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