Monday, May 24, 2010


By Connie Llanos Staff Writer | LA Daily News

Posted: 05/24/2010 03:44:16 PM PDT -- The California Charter School Association filed a lawsuit today against the Los Angeles Unified School District, in an effort to gain better access to public school campuses.

The latest legal claim comes two years after both organizations settled a lawsuit intended to give the publicly-funded and independently run schools more access to district campuses.

According to the charter association's interpretation of Proposition 39, LAUSD officials have a legal obligation to offer space to all charter schools that request it.

The measure was approved by California voters in 2000 and said district facilities must be shared "fairly among all public school pupils, including those in charter schools."

"We've had another year of evidence that the school district is simply ignoring the needs of charter school operators,their students and their families" said Jed Wallace, president of the California Charter School Association, or CCSA.

"They are failing to provide adequate learning environments for public school students even though there is a law requiring them to do so."

According to CCSA, 81 charter schools applied for LAUSD facilities under Prop 39.

CCSA says only 45 charter operators received final offers from the district and they argue that none of them were compliant with the law.

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