Friday, May 21, 2010


By Connie Llanos Staff Writer | LA Daily News

22 May -- The percentage of English-language learners at Los Angeles Unified who can read, write and speak English fluently decreased slightly in 2009, according to state test results released today.

This year 37 percent of all English language-learners reached proficiency at LAUSD, according to the 2009 California English Language Development Test data. That is virtually flat from last year's rate of 38 percent.

Statewide nearly 40 percent of all English-language learners – some 1.3 million students – also reached proficiency, up from 39 percent last year.

"English fluency is critical for students to succeed in school and in the work force," State Schools Chief Jack O'Connell said.

"In California, nearly a quarter of students are learning English as a second language, and by becoming fluent, they will more readily be able to fulfill their potential and compete in the demanding global economy."

Every year the results of this test are anxiously awaited by thousands of local educators and students because they are one of four criteria students have to meet to move out of remedial English courses.

Generally when a student is classified as "English proficient" they have better access to honors level courses and college readiness classes.

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