Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Letters to the Editor of the Daily News: LAUSD PARCEL TAX

Updated: 02/23/2010 09:41:51 AM PST

Re "LAUSD puts parcel tax up for June vote," (Feb. 17):

The correct answer to LAUSD's challenges is not more money. From Belmont to a failed payroll system, billions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted, squandered and downright stolen. With skyrocketing unemployment rates and home foreclosures still at epidemic rates, this new parcel tax scheme needs to be defeated. If the challenges can not be fixed by those in charge, then it is time to replace them, not give them more money.


Valley Village

At their expense

Re: "LAUSD puts parcel tax up for June vote," (Feb. 17):

I suggest the LAUSD auction off its underperforming school buildings and land. My family is holding on to our home by sheer will. Shame on the LAUSD for always asking for handouts. Time to balance their budget like I do so they can keep their schools. Or they can ask the parents of the illegals to cough up the difference!



First lady has right idea

Re "Fighting fat" (Feb. 15):

Looks like Michelle Obama has got a million-dollar idea. It's about time one of our first ladies addressed the issue that has the highest threat to not only the present, but also the future, children of our nation.

As a server in a local burger restaurant, I am often shocked by the number of overweight children I see coming in with their also overweight parents eating the same high-calorie meals. It's no wonder the children follow in their parents' footsteps. Not only is it going to take some major early educational changes, but some lifestyle changes at home as well. Hopefully the time has finally come to declare war on child obesity.


West Hills

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