Wednesday, April 09, 2008


from the LA times homeroom blog:

The LAUSD has seen its share of disasters in recent years (Belmont, anyone?). But this week, according to the Daily Breeze, the district is preparing for a natural disaster:

LAUSD to hold quake drills this week

from a DAILY BREEZE Staff Writer

04/07/2008 - Earthquake drills will be held this week at Los Angeles Unified School District campuses to familiarize students and staff with emergency response plans.

"We want to assure parents that schools are the safest place for their children," said Superintendent David L. Brewer III. "Emergency drills are very important and a great way for the district to put safety plans in motion and affirm their effectiveness."

The drills, which begin today and will be held through Friday, will be videotaped at three schools, and the videos will be used to inform parents about what happens at schools in an emergency.

All LAUSD campuses have an emergency supply container stocked with water, first-aid supplies and search-and-rescue equipment. School cafeterias also store a three-day supply of canned food.

LAUSD to hold quake drills this week - The Daily Breeze

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