Monday, August 25, 2014

iPADDED IN LAUSD: The smoking gun of the done deal. What’s next?

by smf for 4LAKidsNews | Monday morning, 25 August 2014

The following graphic is from reporter Annie Gilbertson of KPCC’s recent revelations – posted already on KPCC’s website and on these pages.


original graphic from KPCC

Obviously the next move is with the Board of Education. Time is of the essence; this  has the appearance  of a criminal matter and despite the niceties of  Brown Act the board does not have the latitude or time to wait for an agenized item number on a published agenda. Today is already too late.

The Brown Act allows for emergency meetings.

The board doesn’t need to rush, they do need to be deliberate. They are the elected trustees and they have the fiduciary duty to act, quickly, openly and transparently. The board president needs to lead.

The board needs to request:

  1. Copies of all the relevant e-mails and materials. These should be copied to the LAUSD Inspector General before they review them because a.) the Board is not expert in investigation mal- and misfeasance. That is the job of law enforcement. And b.) They need to maintain an arms length distance from any criminal or civil legal action – or allegations of stonewall or cover-up to which they may fairly or unfairly be a party. This is not about fairness, it’s about the law.
  2. imageThey need to request and forward a copy of the referenced “concept paper” – that document is potential evidence in what may be a conspiracy.
  3. They need to ask themselves and the superintendent some hard questions and demand some hard answers.
  4. And then they need to plan for a succession.

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