Monday, August 11, 2014

AN E-MAIL CLAIMING TO BE FROM GEORGE McKENNA: “What kind of school board member do they deserve?”


smf: I was just about to hang up the keyboard and give it up for th’ day, to stop the blizzard of tweets and endorsements and lawn signs and damnable campaign mailers in the war for District 1.

Tomorrow the voters decide, and that is how it’s supposed to be.

The voters. May God bless them and show them the way to the polls.

The voters. Not the bloggers or the billionaires or whatever alliterative “b” words I can find. The possibilities are attractive …but there's that prudish LAUSD firewall!  But let me go all classical and put it in high school Latin:  noli illegitimi carborundum.

Anyway, George McKenna just sent me a last minute e-mail – or maybe I should say the automatic e-mailer in his virtual campaign machine (NationBuilder™) did – so I’m doing my part and forwarding it out there into the Supermoon and Perseid Meteor Shower lit cosmos.

I can’t vote because I don’t live in District One. The kids can’t vote because they are kids. Many of their parents can’t vote because they can’t vote. On all of our behalf I beseech those of you out there who can: Please Do!  Let’s break double digits in a one-race special run-off election in L.A.

To dream the impossible dream. To fight the unbeatable foe.

  • If you are a McKenna supporter, vote for him.
  • If you are undecided, decide to vote for McKenna.
  • If you are a Johnson supporter then vote for him. (Your day to vote is Wednesday.*)

*OK, that’s not true …but that’s as dirty as my tricks get!


George McKenna for School Board 2014


What an amazing journey this has been.

As we prepare for the Tuesday, August 12th Election Day (and we can use your help to Get Out The Vote), right now across LAUSD, teachers, administrators and support staff are preparing for the first day of school, which is also tomorrow.

Our teachers, whether veteran educators or facing students on their own for the first time, have chosen to pursue our country’s most honorable and important profession. They deserve our applause.

Tomorrow, with your vote, you get a chance to decide the fate of our children’s future. (Find your polling location)

If you believe our teachers, administrators and support staff, and the young minds and parents who rely upon them, deserve a school board member who understands the challenge of urban education from the classroom to the boardroom, I am the only candidate with that experience. (My biography)

If you believe they deserve a school board member NOT focused on using the seat as a stepping-stone for another political office, BUT RATHER on eliminating the concept of a dropout, integrating parents into the school environment, and emancipating our children’s lives and communities, I am the only candidate with that agenda.

McKenna Personalizes EducationIf you believe they deserve a school board member who comes into office NOT backed by a political sponsor, billionaires, and special interest groups with profit-driven motives, BUT RATHER on the shoulders of educators and the community of District 1, I am the only candidate with that support. (View endorsements)

If you believe they deserve a school board member who has a demonstrated life-long commitment to improving the educational outcomes of all children, I am the only candidate that has lived that life.

This has been the cause I dedicated my life to decades ago. And I humbly ask for your vote on Tuesday, August 12th, so that I may continue it as your school board representative.

Children first,

George McKenna

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