Thursday, November 05, 2009


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  1. The Los Angeles County Unified School District?  Where does one begin?  There is no such school district.
  2. Councilman Huizar was once a school board member and twice the president of the board of education. That was then, this – the last time I looked, is now.          The city council must have better things to do   …like balancing the city budget!
  3. The California State Constitution and the Charter of the City of Los Angeles are both quite explicit on who runs the schools in Los Angeles and  it is not the city council. Councilman Huizar is an attorney, I refer him to the applicable case law: LAUSD v Villaraigosa [aka Rosa Mendoza et al v.State of California et al, Los Angeles Parents Union et al] decided in the Superior Court and reaffirmed in the Court of Appeal [ B195835] and made binding by the Supreme Court in their refusal to depublish.


The councilman is referred to the Clinton-era  US Dept of Education Guidelines on School Uniform Policy – he seems to have missed every point.



LOS ANGELES (CBS) ― The City Council unanimously passed a resolution Wednesday recommending school uniforms at all Los Angeles Unified School District campuses.


Recommended? One hopes they also recommended world peace.

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