Friday, November 20, 2009


LA Times LA Now Blog | November 20, 2009 |  2:21 pm

Michael Times business columnist Michael Hiltzik took measure of California's system for funding education this week and found it lacking … to put it mildly. Here's an excerpt from Thursday's column:

Anyone who has spent time in or around government, from the deeply embedded bureaucrat to the young policy wonk, knows that there are two important issues in funding a public program.

One, is it getting enough money? Two, is the money being spent wisely?

On both counts, California's method of financing its schools gets a big fat F. On a per-pupil basis, our schools are among the most poorly funded in the country, and no one can be sure that the money they do get serves its purpose.

Ask those who have devoted time to examining the system: The way this state doles out money to K-12 education isn't merely inefficient and ineffective, it's insane.

Hiltzik spoke about the issue with Warren Olney on KCRW-FM's "Which Way, L.A.?" Thursday. Click link below to listen.

Michael Hiltzik on "Which Way, L.A.?"

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