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By Emily Lerman in News | LAist.com

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June 15, 2009 2:00 PM -- Just last week, the LAUSD's Homeless Education Program was at risk of becoming a victim of the many budget cuts. The program aims to "ensure that homeless youth have access to a free public education, equal to that of any other youth". General Jeff, Skid Row activist and founder of Issues and Solutions, sent an email to the director of these programs explaining the importance of these services and asked them to reconsider. In an email from LAUSD's Melissa Schoonmaker, he received word that his efforts paid off:

Over the past week, the District has re-evaluated the fiscal resources allocated to the Program and has assured me that the initial monies will remain intact during the 2009-2010 school year. The District has committed to preserving services to our homeless students and their families in order to remove barriers to the educational success and achievement of our students...The voices of our community partners, such as yours, were instrumental in maintaining the Homeless Education Program despite a grim fiscal environment and severe budget cuts.
In a time that seems to be filled with a series of bad news regarding budget cuts, it's encouraging to see the hard work of dedicated citizens rewarded with favorable outcomes, especially when dealing with such crucial services.

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