Sunday, May 31, 2009

L.A. SCHOOL WINS ENVIRONMENTAL PRIZE: Jefferson High School, Lexus and Alicia Keys Partner for 'Lexus Keys To Innovation'

FROM Lexus Cars Press Release


4/9/2009 - Lexus and Alicia Keys honor Los Angeles' Thomas Jefferson High School through 'Lexus Keys to Innovation'; awards TJHS a $10,000 Grand Prize to foster its environmental programs for future students and the community.

Lexus and multi Grammy award-winning recording artist Alicia Keys, announced today that Los Angeles’ Thomas Jefferson High School, will be honored with a $10,000 Grand Prize for its environmental achievements through the “Lexus Keys to Innovation” philanthropy program. The “Lexus Keys to Innovation” program is a unique way for Lexus and Alicia Keys to recognize and reward students who have successfully implemented innovative environmental programs in their schools and communities.

Alicia Keys

Through “Lexus Keys to Innovation,” Lexus and Alicia Keys presented ten schools across the country with a $2,000 donation to support existing environmental programs. In addition to the donation, Lexus and Alicia Keys provided the students complimentary concert tickets and an exclusive opportunity for students to meet Alicia in person during her sound check. Following the tour, each of the participating schools submitted a detailed “action plan” for a chance to win $10,000 to support their existing environmental programs.

Thomas Jefferson High School’s “action plan” proposed that the $10,000 Grand Prize be used to create a native “green” space on campus for the students and faculty to utilize as an interactive educational tool. In a South Central Los Angeles neighborhood currently dominated by concrete, meat packing plants and factories, this new space will be a welcome addition.


“The students of Thomas Jefferson High School have shown a lot of passion toward improving the environment,” said Dave Nordstrom, Lexus vice president of marketing. “We’re very pleased to play a part in helping that passion carry over to future students and the community.”

Green Space Project
Thomas Jefferson High School
Los Angeles, CA

Action Plan: Thomas Jefferson High School proposes that the $10,000 grant be used to create a native plant green space on the school’s campus. The mission of the program is to better this South LA high school and community by bringing a much needed green space to the area which is currently dominated by concrete, meat packing plants and factories. The benefits of the Green Space is projected to improve the status of this South Central high school by creating outdoor spaces and gardens to offer an increasingly calm place for students and faculty to congregate. Additionally, the space will help to improve the air quality around the campus, and will allow students at Thomas Jefferson High School and nearby Harmony Elementary School to use the Green Space as an outdoor science lab.

Both Lexus and Alicia Keys have taken an active role in a variety of environmentally driven initiatives that have had a positive global impact. With “Lexus Keys to Innovation,” Lexus and Alicia Keys have created yet another opportunity to reinforce their shared commitment to safeguarding our planet.

“I want to congratulate the dedicated students of Thomas Jefferson High,” said Alicia Keys. “Lexus is an elegant and inspiring brand and through our partnership we’re creating programs like ‘Lexus Keys to Innovation’ to support environmental initiatives in high schools across the country through music and education.”

“Lexus Keys to Innovation” is the result of the partnership between Lexus and The Alicia Keys Family Foundation.

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