Friday, May 08, 2009


NOTE ON CHARTER CO-LOCATION: Co-location – charter schools and traditional schools coexisting on the same traditional campus is required when space is available on a year-to-year basis under Prop 39.
Last year there were 11 co-locations is LAUSD, next year it is anticipated there will be 29.

a 4LAKids Reader writes:

May 2: Yesterday I attended the district's "Demystification of Co-Location" presentation at the Board.  The panel consisted on 3 LAUSD co-located principals, 3 charter administrators and the 3 district wonks - Ana Fernandez, John Creer and Jose Cole-Gutierrez. 

It was a one hour meeting.  They spent the entire hour congratulating each other on jobs well done.  They accepted written questions only from the audience that were pre-screened.  None of my questions was chosen.  Questions that were chosen were re-worded to fit the prepared answers.  [Superintendent] Cortines appeared for the last five minutes to congratulate the panel on jobs well done.  He turned to the audience and said that LAUSD could learn a lot from charter schools. 

Again, no translation was provided for the many non-English members of the audience.  I reminded Ms. Fernandez that this had been as issue before and that she had promised to correct it.  She said that since no one had requested translation prior to this public meeting, it did not occur to them to provide it. 

It can now be documented that co-location has publicly been demystified.

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