Sunday, October 26, 2008

Taxing campaigns

Outreach campaigns

from the LA Times

October 25, 2008 -- Critics complain that some public agencies in Los Angeles County are using tax money to promote self-serving measures on the Nov. 4 ballot:

Metropolitan Transportation Authority Measure R

$30-billion to $40-billion sales tax for roads and transit
$1.1 million for mailer, radio and newspaper ads

Los Angeles Unified School District Measure Q

$7 billion construction bond

$1 million for mailers, T-shirts, hats, polling, staff time

Long Beach Unified School District Measure K

$1.2-billion construction bond
$46,000 for mailers

Pasadena Unified School District Measure TT

$350-million construction bond
$600 for fliers distributed by hand

Torrance Unified School District Measure Y

$265-million renovations bond

Measure Z

$90-million special facilities bond
$28,733 for mailers

City of Lynwood Measure II

$6.1-million utility tax
$14,000 for mailers*

City of Pico Rivera Measure P

$6-million sales tax
$35,000 for mailers

City of El Monte Measure GG

$4.4-million sales tax
$23,000 for mailers

* Does not include two to three remaining mailers

Source: Times reporting

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