Friday, November 02, 2012


Letter to the Editor of the LA Times |

Re A lot new under the hood in high school auto shop |," Oct. 28

November 2, 2012  ::  It's about time we restored auto shop and other "less academic" courses to the high school curriculum. As a former math teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District, I know that many students are not well served by forcing them into college-prep classes. However, almost everyone can benefit from practical courses such as auto shop.

Gail Heinrich

Los Angeles

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H.D. Pennington said...

It would be of great benefit to many students to have vocational classes, such as auto shop, woodworking, metal, etc returned to the High Schools. We saw the closure of these programs in the 1990's. By around 1995 most had disappeared. WHEN (not if)"the Big One" comes, and shakes California, who are going to be the ones to help us rebuild our society? That's right:The Woodworkers, the mechanics, the electricians, and others.... not everyone will attend a four-year college, but everyone does need a skill in order to not only become a contributing member of society, but in order to survive.