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PROP 30 PASSES: Now what?


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Wed, Nov 14, 2012 - Los Angeles - The financing of the Los Angeles Unified School District is reinvigorated by several recent events, primary among them is the passage of Proposition 30. While supportive of Superintendent Deasy’s call for a restoration of five school days and elimination of three furlough days, Board Member Bennett Kayser wants more for LAUSD students.

“The passage of Proposition 30 will bring a significant amount of money to LAUSD for this and the next seven years, consequently I want more than a simple return to 180 school days,” states Kayser. “I ask that the Superintendent and his team come back with a revised budget that puts LAUSD students first, one that reduces class size, restores summer school, provides the counselors needed to support the new A-G graduation requirements, and a lengthening of the school year beyond 180 days. I want to return to the full funding of adult education, early education, arts for all students, afterschool programs, and a restoration of cuts to health and safety programs. The voters have spoken; let’s give them what they have asked for; LAUSD needs a budget that reflects the new realities.”

Under Proposition 30, schools will receive:

· $223 dollars per student retroactively for 2011-12 (by June 30, 2013)

· $903 dollars per student in 2012-13 (by June 30, 2013)

· $952 dollars per student in 2013-14

The LAUSD and districts across the state can expect a dramatic turn in their budgets. Last year Board Member Kayser and LAUSD joined with Governor Brown in ending redevelopment agencies so they will no longer be siphoning off tax dollars from schools. According to former State Superintendent of Schools, Jack O’Connell, the state lottery revenue is also up from $124 per student to $154 per student. Furthermore, Proposition 39 will yield additional dollars to schools.


Week of November 19, 2012  ::  We are certain that active AALA members have heard that due to the passage of Proposition 30, Dr. John Deasy, Superintendent, recommended to the Board of Education that the District restore the full school year by adding five more instructional days and eliminating the ten furlough days imposed on employees.

Board Members were unanimous in support of his motion, and recognizing that AALA members were feeling the brunt of the cuts to all of the bargaining units, we appreciate their rapid action.

By AALA’s estimates, Proposition 30 will bring approximately $150 million to LAUSD for the 2011-2012 school year’s budget. In addition, increased lottery revenue this year will add another $18 million and the language in Proposition 39 says that half of the funds raised will go to schools. We estimate that to be in the neighborhood of $50 million. There may also be some additional revenues coming in from redevelopment funds.

If congress resolves the current budget stalemate, it will avoid federal cuts to the District. These are all potential dollars that will most likely come to the District this year and will potentially restore it to the funding levels of 2007-2008.

Given these potential financial resources, we must ask the Superintendent and the Board to take action to show the public that LAUSD is acting to provide tangible resources to schools.

We are asking for full disclosure of the actual dollar amounts that the District receives from all sources.

Complete funding should be provided to after-school programs, Early Education Centers, Adult Schools, the arts and most definitely to enhance the health and safety of students and staff on campus (supervision, counselors and plant managers).

But, the new budget should do more than return to the status quo. Why not show some creative thinking and honor the public’s wishes and fix the schools by focusing on students?

Instead of speaking of structural deficits (new jargon meaning planning for declining enrollment and increased costs), why not do some creative thinking and provide quantifiable fixes the public can see?

  • Can we please restore the full custodial team at every school?
  • What about extending the school year for 10 days?
  • How about rehiring nurses for every school?
  • Why not reduce class sizes in the primary grades?
  • How about assigning an assistant principal to every school?
  • Has anyone considered the need for more math, science and language teachers to accommodate the A-G requirements?
  • Reinstate the full-time work experience coordinator/career counselor to facilitate linked learning?

AALA members work hard and continue to have hope that adequate resources will funnel to the school.

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